It started with honesty, passion and innovation.

Designflyover is a multidisciplinary design firm that loves to learn, collaborate and create. We come together as designers, engineers, artists, writers and largely lateral thinkers with the commitment to make a positive change with all the things design could do. Our work revolves around building and supporting, brands and products that users love and connect with. We function with our clients in perfect creative symbiosis, forging friendships and long-term alliances along our journey.

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What they have to say

“Thanks again for the hard work and professionalism that was very much evident in your work. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues at Designflyover.” Rohit JigyasuUNESCO Chair Professor, Kyoto, JAPAN
“The Go-To Market Strategy that your team has delivered has worked wonders. Innovative... Exceptional...Love it!
Thanks Guys!”

Madhukar PunianiStrategic Business Development & Growth, Ridecell
“The quality of work is just fantastic! Thank you Designflyover, for your great cooperation in this project. I am convinced that there is more to come.”
Jari RantanenApplication Development Manager, Parker Hannifin, Europe
“An excellent mix of traditional and contemporary harmony in your design.”

Shriji Arving Singh MewarMaharaja of Udaipur

Meet the team

We're designers, engineers and storytellers with a strong calling for creativity and a zeal to innovate.

A Mechanical Engineer (Mumbai University) by qualification, he guides designers, project teams, and clients to push the edge of what we work on, how we do it, and the way final
output is realized. In the process, he ensures the growth of the individuals and organizations.

Nachiket Gandhi


An architect (IIT Roorkee) and a designer (NID Ahmedabad), she works with clients, partners, and colleagues to bring out commercially successful, scalable and socially significant new businesses, products, services, and experiences.

Shreya Sarda


Eyes on her Macbook, Ambika takes her projects very seriously. Disturb her at your own risk when working. You can otherwise find her having a carrom showdown in the office with the same dedication.

Ambika Unny

Communication Designer

Aniket is a problem solver whose talent lies in transforming concepts into utilitarian products. He boasts of his beard, bike and rock metal playlist.

Aniket Ghadage

Design Engineer

Harshala is a true believer in the power of words. She is constantly writing while sipping coffee. You can also find her sneakily taking pictures of people and daydreaming about vada pav.

Harshala Gupte

Content Writer

Kajol’s heart goes out to thoughtful and vibrant design. From illustrations to walls, from canvas to shoes, she can masterfully apply her colourful artwork to anything.

Kajol Shah

Communication Designer

Kedar is a strong believer in the intersection of design and technology. He’ll jump at a chance of contributing to any aspect of a project. Calling him over enthusiastic would be an understatement.

Kedar Talwadker

Communication Designer

Phaneendra is obsessed with all things design, believing that good design is in the details. If not incessantly working, he can be giving design pep talks and drooling over pasta design.

Phaneendra Bandaru

Industrial Designer

Purna is our enthusiastic engineer with lateral thinking skills. Her hobbies are dancing, collecting restaurant menu cards and impulse shopping.

Purna Shrivastava

Design Engineer

Rijas is a passionate engineer, constantly exploring new design ideas. He is the gang’s quintessential teetotaler and forever supplier of upma.

Rijas MP

Industrial Designer

Rupesh helps us with distinguishingly complicated SEO requirements. When not pushing content and talking ranks, you can find him obsessing over his hair.

Rupesh Bhojne

SEO Specialist

Sreekanth has a healthy obsession with UI sites and loves to get his hands dirty with all kinds of digital design. In his spare time, he cycles insane distances and engages in discussions about movies.

Sreekanth Raj

Communication Designer

Sumit is Zen at an office desk, combating deadlines with composure and perfection. He is best known for his car craze and sandwich-making abilities.

Sumit Jadhav

Product Designer

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