There's a method
to our madness

Design Research

We examine the market scenario and engage with the end users to understand their pain points and expectations.


We prepare mood boards, shortlisting elements relevant to the product and seek client approval for refinement procedure that follows.

Concept Generation

We convert the ideas and insights into tangible products.

Production Engineering

We identify the parts of the final product and engineer each one with efficiency.


Advanced techniques such as 3D Printing, CNC machining, etc. are used to create physical samples.

Colour and Finish

We experiment with different combinations of colours and textures.

Tooling Support

We support you through the entire tooling process by enhancing the proposed designs without compromising on our vision for the outcome.

Batch Production

We provide batch production support to start-ups for field trials. Sample batches can also be reconsidered before releasing in the market.

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