Product design that gets heard.

Auris is an ultra-modern company marking its prominence in the domain of audio solutions with one sole purpose in mind- to liberate music from the slavery of stationary listening and to give it the freedom latest wireless technology allows. They approached us in the need of designing a sleek and compact Bluetooth transmitter. One that would have a universal and minimal look so as to seamlessly integrate with the various TV bezels or any other broadcasting device.


The principal design requirement for the bezels was the biggest challenge for this project. Preliminary research began by understanding user preferences and to identify the market performance of the prevailing products of the same category.

Adhering closely to the research and market study, we kicked off our ideation with rigorous brain-storming sessions and preparing mood boards to develop drafts centered around usability and interaction. The final discussion locked the concept to initiate the design process.

Detailing, CFM and manufacturing feasibility were the key aspects to be considered while designing the product. A 1:1 prototype was made to understand the product functionality, assembly

CFM to finalize the design before proceeding with the final tooling and production.