Chai Tales

Branding Chaisa with narratives of the native

On the outside, Chaisa is a teahouse in Jaipur serving good old chai, international fusions and light meals. It is so much more though. At the core of the establishment are the strong sentiments that brew over a cup of tea in India. The energy, the rigour, the humour that Indians associate with a cup of chai, is what Chaisa as a brand iterates. 

A fresh take on the old stories

With a strong foothold in the culture of its native, Chaisa has successfully made place in the minds and hearts of the people in Jaipur. It is an establishment that aims to restore the ‘desi’ experience of a chai in a contemporary setting. So as an effort towards the same goal, Chaisa wished to bring to light the classic stories around chai in the same contemporary and quirky fashion. And hence emerged a branding narrative of chai tales- illustrated anecdotes of the ‘thelas’, the ‘charcha’ and everything in between.

A relatable peculiarity

Look closely at the packaging and you will find the portraits of the typical local connoisseurs of chai. The scenarios depicted are rustic and the splash of colour shows the vibrancy of the Indian countryside.