The experiential bliss of chai

On the outside, Chaisa is a teahouse serving good old chai, international fusions and light meals. It is so much more though. At the core of the establishment are the strong sentiments that brew over a cup of tea in India . The energy, the rigor, the humour that Indians associate with a cup of chai, is what Chaisa as a brand iterates.

The essence of emotion

Chaisa wishes to create lasting relations through experiences. It wants you to immerse in the native taste, art and culture. Hence the space of cafe needed to feel like India’s famous neighborhood corners or nukkads that instantly evoke a sense of belonging in our minds and hearts.

Space design

We started with casual brick walls that carry a feeling of comfort and familiarity with the Rajasthani origins of the cafe. We picked green as the brand colour to reflect the earthiness and organic appeal of the brand. The walls were adorned with posters designed with a mix of desi and contemporary visuals and typography. The outdoor walls were painted into the silhouette of a serene setting to be enjoyed best with sips of tea.