Desi Week

Crafting an all-representational desi brand identity for INSEAD’s cultural week

INSEAD is known to be an iconic management institution with a great pool of culturally diverse students. As an inclusive body, it strives to accommodate and promote the manifold identities of its global alumni. Desi Week was a celebration in light of the same intention. INSEAD came to us looking for a brand identity and communication material for their vision of a cultural frenzy of the ‘desi’ countries- India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar.

A visual desi narrative

We started with the aim of creating a printed celebration, experimenting with bold typefaces and vibrant colours. We tried out concepts such as interconnectedness and the sway of Bollywood in these countries, but the challenge was to find an idea that shared an equal orientation with all the countries. Finally, we decided on the theme of truck art. The augmented floral pattern and calligraphy of truck art perfectly reverberated with the buoyancy of the regional festivity we wanted to bring out. The typography was complemented by intricate designs of objects associated with the theme. Demon-heads, autorickshaws, sitars all came together in the end to form an aesthetic desi tapestry.