An educational ascend

Edumont World School is an ICSE school in Nabha, Punjab that believes in educating children with great responsibility for making them global citizens of tomorrow. This begins with creating a safe learning space for students, where academic and personal success is fostered. We collaborated with the school to co-create their branding system and communication material. The aim was to make the community aware of the global pedagogy that the school follows.

A name to the vision

The first brick in the foundation of the brand was the grand vision of the Founders- “Educate students to be citizens of the world.” Hence the name of the school had to convey the purview of academia beyond classroom. After rounds of deep thought and iterations we came up with the name Edumont. It represents the ascend to higher understanding through education.

An impactful message, playfully delivered

Edumont departs from traditional schooling and that offers a well rounded learning experience that is unprecedented in the region. Our main challenge was to introduce their ingenious system to parents and students, without the messaging being dense or intimidating. Once identified, we then worked towards designing visuals for a global, playful yet mature aesthetic.