We made finance child-friendly!

Finosaur is a US-based financial institution that promotes savings amongst youngsters. We collaborated with Finosaur for brand development in the period of their genesis. Unlike the majority of the financial brands that fall prey to a bland, serious identity, our challenge was to give Finosaur a visually rich and approachable personality. This was imperative considering the young audience that is inclined towards dynamic messaging.

Bespoke nomenclature

The name Finosaur was an interesting mix of elements. We recognized that most children have a fascination with dinosaurs. Hence Finosaur- the word as whole resounded of a breed of dinosaur. The ‘Fin’ acting as a prefix for finance. The affix, as a matter of fact, is taken from ‘Saur’abh, the founder of the venture who so passionately started.

Design of dino potential

The diplodocus is the soul of Finosaur’s brand identity. It has been projected as a fairly friendly dinosaur in movies and cartoons. The anthropomorphizing of the beast was also used to roll-out the messaging in a playful and buoyant manner, that was digestible for kids. The website used vibrant colours and relies on illustrations and imagery to break  down the complexities in communication.