IHX – Branding

Building Health Intelligence

IHX is a digital healthcare data platform and exchange with AI/ML capabilities that delivers smart solutions to stakeholders in all segments of the healthcare sector. We, at Designflyover were approached by IHX to build and design a solid brand identity. We successfully executed the entire branding strategy for the organization, and here’s how it came about.

A identity that reflects brand’s two most important aspects

The identity design was formulated to signify the emotion the brand would exhibit and even induce. IHX primarily operates between two parties – the insurance providers and the customers. Its purpose is to bridge the gap in between.

The IHX logomark is to be taken as an amalgamation of both sides of the cashless insurance method with a new and convenient platform.

Modern and fresh visual language

In this domain, IHX was intended to be positioned with a vibrant color palette and visual language. They wished to come across as a brand that’s striding ahead in its realm, contemporary in its own way, enforcing the latest technologies.

Conisistency through a solid brand guideline

IHX had its visual language developed to display its concept of a seamless and safe platform for hospitals’ insurance management needs. The key to the production of a prominent brand is uniformity in its visual expression and delivery. A firm brand guideline supported us in securing visual uniformity throughout the project and its communication.