Insead 18D

A yearbook capturing INSEAD’s newsworthy college buzz and more

INSEAD has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 MBA programmes in the world, owing to the institute’s emphasis on providing its students with collaborative and multicultural experiences. The campus life of any student is nothing less than  celebratory. We collaborated with INSEAD for their Year Book of 2018, December batch. The happenings in INSEAD had gathered a lot of public attention for the particular year and frequently made news. Thus was born the theme of the Yearbook- Newsworthy!

Design Approach

The mood boards of the project developed around newspaper aesthetics. The layout, columns and typeface played an important role here. A big challenge was not losing the essential playfulness of a yearbook while working with a newspaper setting. We looked at styles from the wide range of contents in a newspaper and plied the sections that were amusing and had an element of humour. The book cover was designed to give an impression of the letterpress technique, a printing technique used in newspaper production.