Insead 19D

A memorable yearbook capturing INSEAD’s ‘Force For Good’

INSEAD has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 MBA programmes in the world, owing to the institute’s emphasis on providing its students with collaborative and multicultural experiences. The campus life of any student is nothing less than celebratory. We collaborated with INSEAD for their Year Book of 2019, December batch. ‘Force for Good’, was a significant campaign initiated by the college and the students. Thus we built around it for this year’s yearbook theme.

Design Approach

The ‘Force for Good’ theme branched out into a versatile area of ideas. First and foremost, the term ‘force’ itself stood for a very bold statement, and described the graduates themselves as ‘The Force’, which gave them a very heroic portrayal. The mood boards for the project were developed around various visual representations of Superheroes that included comic books, movies, cartoons, etc. The layout, colours and typeface played an important role here. The book cover was designed to give an impression of the dotted halftone pattern seen in animation films and comic books.

Quirky keepsakes!

In this 19D yearbook edition, we added a special touch to make it more memorable for the graduates. We designed a tear-out poster with photos of the graduating batch and some quirky stickers based on the theme, for the graduates to keep as memorabilia!