Jal Mahal

Legacy in a leaflet

Jal Mahal, also rightly known as ‘The Jewel of Jaipur’ is an iconic water palace in the serene landscape of Rajasthan.  This low-rise symmetrical palace, that once was a shooting lodge for the Maharajah, appears to float in the center of Mansagar Lake. Visitors greeted it only from the outside for nearly 300 years. However, in 2014 it opened for public visitation for the first time after a six-year-long restoration. We collaborated with Jal Mahal to design a bespoke leaflet for the grand reopening.

The premise for design

We started off by working in collaboration with master artists, stone and wood carvers, mirror workers, painters and metal masters who executed the restoration. Architectural forms of the palace were also strongly considered before articulating an apt visual identity for the leaflet.

Design development

The sketches that were developed depicted the pleasant regality of the palace.


A prominent blue was used in the pamphlet to represent the importance of water surrounding the monument since it a rarity in the parched land of Rajasthan. The calligraphic font used tied up seamlessly with the imagery. The colour palette was unique in the way of integrating fresh and rich hues.


The unfolding of the pamphlet/ handout is like the welcoming opening of a gateway which paves the way to the hidden wonders of this experience.