Animal instincts inspire brand identity

Orange Management Consultants LLC (OMC) is a business consultancy firm in UAE with regional branches in India, Jordan and South Africa. They consult, implement & manage business services for clients, especially for SMEs in manufacturing, engineering & consumable industry. Being an established player in the consultancy business, OMC had an archetype of a definitive but a rather sterile identity that most of the financial brands develop over time. They posed us a challenge as to how they could make their brochures more lucid, emotive and spirited without diluting the sincerity in their operations.

Reinforcing vitality

Animals! It was our one-word winning idea that helped us reinvigorate the brand. Developing an identity around animals did not only lend the quintessential animated quality but also reinforced the earnest values of the brand that are so potent in an animal. For instance, dolphins represented intelligence and gaiety, cheetahs- agility and quick action and dogs clearly cited loyalty.


Accentuating design

We leveraged the ‘Orange’ of the brand name to be prominently used throughout the brochures. The colour orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy. It was used against a white background or monochrome visuals that conveyed the seriousness of the brand with the zest of colour.