Weaving authenticity, tradition and craftsmanship into apparel branding

Satayam is a concept store that caters to the Indian contemporary textiles and apparel. Inspired by the Rajasthani fabrics, they make garments with a vintage aesthetic, in modern cuts and patterns. From exquisite embroidery to intricate quilting, their work is rooted in homeborn methods for a finish of the highest quality. We worked with Satayam to iterate on the brand logo that conveys the authenticity of their work and developed a complete communication story to convey this through collateral including brochures and stationery.

Thread of inspiration

The brand identity was set in the image of Rajasthani aesthetics. We infused the conventionally overpowering design with cool colours and light patterns to develop an identity that was more organic and elegant. The logo was worked out of a single piece of thread, emphasizing on the simplicity and mastery of traditional processes in a modern setting.