Splendour of Silver

A retelling of the glory of Silver Gallery

The Silver Gallery is an attempt to curate the royal and sacred items of silver at The City Palace at Udaipur by exhibiting them in the island palaces of the monumental establishment. The ‘Spelndour of Silver’ is the publication that catalogues the objects at the Silver Gallery while elaborating on their artistic and historical significance.

Judging by the cover

The cover of the book is bespoke. The notable floral pattern is printed on one of a kind metallic silver coated paper to reinforce the ‘splendour of silver’. The metal-like surface produces images to jump off the cover. It responds to the light by changing colours between deep dark blacks and ultra-bright highlights.

A rich representation

This book introduces the cherished silver objects of Mewar which accompanies Splendour of Silver, the opening exhibition of the Silver Gallery at The City Palace Museum at Udaipur. It distills the essence of these objects and their uses and presents them in an accessible way so as to interest a wide range of readers. It is also a catalogue raisonne, with a lavish visual representation of every object in the exhibition, supplemented with images from the pictorial archives of the Maharanas of Mewar that instantly bring each object to life by providing the vivid context of archival image.