Pamphlet unfolding a scholastic universe

TGES is a success story in the realm of Indian education because of its evolutionary teaching methods. The school has been recognised for celebrating diversity and promoting a sense of community among the students. The curriculum relies highly of experiential learning, cognitive thinking and self-assessment to abridge the gaps in the current education system. This disruption was worthy of being communicated through the marketing collaterals of the school, especially when it was to be represented at educational forums (national and international). And hence, we designed a pocket-friendly pamphlet for the school that was bespoke of the school’s legacy.

Crisp, compact and concise

The primary function of the collateral was that it could be easily handed out at educational conferences and forums, doubling up as an identity card for the school and the educators of TGES. Hence, the form factor was considered meticulously before we settled in on a cross-folded brochure. The outward backside of the brochure was used to cite the details of the school and the educator, like any other visiting card.

The element of revelation

We used the constraint obscured information in the cross folded brochure to our benefit by evoking curiosity about what’s inside. The design of the cover is a call to explore the brochure, fold by fold to learn about the school. Each facia reveals new information about that ties into the bigger picture of the fully laid out brochure.

Thematic consistency

We decided to reinforce the titular ‘Galaxy’ theme of TGES (The Galaxy Education System) in the brochure for establishing a relevant theme. The imagery depicted the act of learning close to navigating through space. The information architecture is developed to give the reader a similar exploratory experience.