Eureka’s unique packaging, for keeps

Eureka is a team of researchers and designers passionate about making a difference in education through science and experiential learning. They do this by the way of making science activity kits for classroom learning. The aim is to describe the fundamental concepts of science with creativity and fun at the core of their approach. We collaborated with them on the packaging of their activity science boxes.


We approached this project with the intention of adding another unique dimension to the packaging. Thus unfolded the idea of the packaging itself having an element of surprise and experimentation that Eureka tries to deliver through its work. We intended to come up with a system where all the 180 experiments could be represented in a scalable way. The visual design comprised of quirky line drawings pertaining to classroom science.

Boxing out-of-the-box

One side of the activity box could be cut out and used as a scale, while the adjacent side having a tangram cut-out attached. The top of the box had circular perforations that doubled up as pen-holders, test-tube holders, pliers to support the experiments. We also used reusable packaging, recycled paper to induce the idea of environmental consciousness in the children.