Expanding possibilities

VISTAR solves the primary issue that comes with buying USB-C laptop ports. Encased in a compact aluminium block, VISTAR is a multi-port hub that delivers incredible versatility providing ten ports of connectivity and power to your workflow in a surprisingly small package. Featuring 10 ports, VISTAR delivers more connectivity and power by enabling you to add a plethora of devices of all ages to your USB-C equipped laptop, acting as the perfect connectivity companion- Uncluttering your workflow, your desktop and your life. 

Onwards and upwards

When designing the logo for VISTAR, we asked ourselves and the client- What is it that the logo to signify? Amongst all the things that product is about, the one thing that stood on the top was the ‘expansion of possibilities’ that the hub provides with multiple ports. And hence the logo represents the shape of the port expanding onwards and upwards.

Balancing utility with style

VISTAR clearly makes a statement with its functionality and we intended its look to do the same. We went for an overall metallic design that was seamless. The finish was fine, solid and soft around the edges. So even though the product looked premium, the fillet edges and compactness also imbued the quality of ease.