The iconic ‘Less is more’ exhibition stall at Acetech2018

Vitrum is a brand that designs and manufactures premium window systems. Their brand ethos revolves around creating transparent, holistic environments that can nurture immersive living experiences. We were tasked with designing an exhibition stall for Vitrum, at Acetech Mumbai 2018.

Tribute to an icon

We wanted to create an experience for visitors that made them feel connected to the outdoors, despite being indoors, to reinforce the experience that the brand enables through their products. To achieve this, we decided to pay homage to the iconic glass house, by renowned architect Philip Johnson, and recreate its experience in the Vitrum stall.

The glasshouse, by architect Philip Johnson.

Ideation and detailing

We started conceptualizing, by arranging Vitrum’s window systems to form the exterior facade of the glass house. One of the most iconic aspects of Philip Johnson’s glass house is the restroom, enclosed in a cylindrical partition, which also houses the fireplace. We decided to use that enclosure as our central pillar at the stall. We wanted to try and replicate the glass house to as much detail as feasible, and hence began exploring with materials and furniture that bared semblance to the actual glass house, and at the same time was feasible to incorporate into an exhibition space stall that would be dismantled after just four days.


We partnered with Cachet Events & Design Solutions, who worked with us on fabrication, and helped us translate our concept into a tangible reality. The concept sketches and ideas were translated into 3D models that formed the foundation for the fabrication process. We went through numerous iterations to ensure that the concept was translated into reality with as much detail as possible. Our motivation throughout the project was to break away from the dull and generic exhibition stalls and instead stretch our capabilities to create an experience that appealed to architects, interior designers, and home-owners alike.