Using bioaesthetics to create a novel design for Zebronics speakers

Zebronics is an IT & gaming peripherals, sound systems, mobile & lifestyle, accessories & surveillance solutions brand with a mission to provide products which are great on design and performance, as well as easy on the pocket. Zebronics focuses strongly on product design, strict quality controls, and reliability which has led it to become the No.1 brand in IT peripherals and one of the most important players in multimedia speakers, LED TVs and surveillance in India. We collaborated with Zebronics to redesign the fascia of their woofer system.

A design metamorphosis

The concept that inspired us, eminently upgraded the visual appeal of the product. We wanted to redesign the side firing woofer system to stand out from the rest, in the stores. The external design was inspired by the bio-aesthetics of a jellyfish, to give it a mesmerizing, free-flowing look. After the basic research, key points were extracted from the primary data and translated onto mood boards. Concept sketches were developed around these mood boards. The shortlisted concepts were then modeled, rendered and presented.

The final breakthrough

Working closely with the Zebronics team, a prototype was engineered for the final concept to examine the performance challenges. The outcome was a woofer system with not only a superior aesthetic appeal but a novel one.