Designing an invisible light source for Plus Light Tech’s exclusive range

Plus Light Tech is an Indian company that was established to provide indigenous high-end retail and architectural lighting at a competitive cost. Since then, Plus has pioneered in developing sustainable lighting concepts beyond current trends. The company does not see lighting as a commodity but as a lifestyle. And thus the design, quality and exclusivity become central for their products. They challenged us to create a lighting range of downlights with an almost invisible source of light.


The inspiration for the lighting range came from the idea that “light is…what it does”. We wanted to create a lighting fixture that hides itself in plain sight and livens up the surroundings with uniform luminosity.

Perdu through its innovative lighting technology achieves exact lighting control without any glare with its almost invisible source of light. At the same time, it imparts great importance to techno-aesthetic design and high efficiency. The masterful placement of cool white and warm white LEDs together in one lens, provides uniform and natural lighting for high visual comfort.


The real life scale of each fixture hole is of an eyeball- as small as 10 mm. It is minimal and elegant. The range widely has two types- Perdu One and Perdu Linear. Perdu One is a single point fixture, while Perdu Linear is the linear extension of the luminaires in multiples of two. To achieve the lighting precision we wanted, Bartenbach GmbH lenses were used.

The fixtures are engineered in such a way that the three caps (recessed, trimless and deep-recessed) are compatible with the same fixture.


Lighting Showcase 2019

Plus Light Tech's catalogue and brand publication

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