All our activities start with a ‘Why’. It gives our work a purpose, eliminates confusion. But if we breed on them long enough they start defining limitations and promoting reservations. We all have our share of whys- some stay in our heads and some we voice out to the world. As much as our whys are essential, they are double-edged swords. Most of us are quick in getting to the why of a situation. The problem is…we stop at just that.

‘Why’ is a good question. To which some people answer with a second question- ‘Why Not?’ These are THEIR stories. People who answer their own whys by saying yes to challenging possibilities, opening their minds to doing things in ways anew and finding strength in their inner voices. ‘Why Not’ covers the diverse lives of real people, that are worthy of the spotlight. This is our way of honouring people having the guts to travel the unknown path, to create something worthwhile. It takes courage, boldness and (sometimes) madness to ask…

Why (the hell) not!

Why Not is an initiative where we have frequent talks by fellow motivators, innovators, people who bring about a change for the larger good, designers, artists, storytellers, filmmakers, writers, community-level workers, etc.

We keep this knowledge-sharing event as an open forum for anyone interested to join in.

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